Monday, March 27, 2006

Women Outnumbering Men

In February, I wrote a posting about the successes of Canadian women. It was around the Olympics and it seemed appropriate to talk about the successes of women in law in addition to the success of our women's hockey team.

The Globe and Mail published article out today about Where the Boys Are? The first segment focuses on how female medical student outnumber male medical students. It also mentions:
they also outnumber men in post-graduate law studies, where women actually make up 67 per cent of Canadian law students. Men round out the figure with the remaining one third of those enrolled.
That is a huge difference. I can certainly see these numbers at Queen's. More than that, women are taking leadership positions. Last year's school president was a woman, and a woman has been elected to the post for next year as well. This trend could potentially significanlty alter the legal profession. It seems like it will take some time for these women to rise up the ranks at law firms but when they do ...

In the last issue of Canadian Lawyer, there was an article about how the Eat What You Kill mentality is going out of style. I wonder if this could be due, in part, by the influence of women in the legal profession.


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