Sunday, January 22, 2006

New government?

By this time tomorrow, Canada may have elected a new government. CTV news reported a poll tonight:

Conservatives: 37%
Liberals: 29%
NDP: 18%

Wikipedia has a cool graph that includes the results from various polls and includes other choices. Their latest poll:

Conservatives: about 37%
Liberals: about 30%
NDP: about 18%
BQ: about 11%
Green: about 6%

Remember: $1.75 goes to the party of your X. There is no such thing as a wasted vote.

Friday, January 20, 2006

On Monday: VOTE

Express your opinion: vote.

Where? Elections Canada will tell you - just type in your postal code.

Daily Poll Results. For 1/19:
Conservatives: 35.5%
Liberals: 29.0%
NDP: 18.8%
BQ: 11.1%
Green: 5.6%
Fun Vote with Royal Canadian Air Farce

CBC: Election news

CTV: Election news

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Turmoil in the Class of 08

A new semester (that quickly lost all its quality of newness) has meant brought some significant changes to the Class of 08.

The biggest change is the result of Professor/Justice Trotter moving from academia to the bench. His 40-odd students of Criminal Law have had to join the 40-odd students of another Criminal Law class with a different professor and a distinct teaching style. Students have had to adjust to a larger class and new faces in the room. In addition, the professors in other courses (Contracts and Property Law) have also shuffled around. I'm not quite sure why they decided to play musical chairs half way through, but they did.

The other big change is with the students. In the first semester, no fewer than six students (that I know of, there could be more) decided to leave law school. In one small section alone (Queen's students are divided into 8 small sections with roughly 20 students each), three students decided that law wasn't their cup of tea.

For non-law student readers: if you're considering law school I would encourage you to think about it long and hard. It is not a myth that law school is a lot of work. If it is not for you, try to find another option. Those six spots could have been filled with other students. I believe that law students should continue the process of self-examination and self-discovery to find their particular niche, and that thinking should start before you send your acceptance letter.

Friday, January 06, 2006

A Fresh Semester

A few days into the semester, things are quickly moving into high gear. Profs have already doled out another batch of assignments and exam dates have been set. Students have a few more days to decide which courses to take for the semester and the halls are buzzing with recommendations for courses and professors.

I hope everyone had a restful break. Now let's get back to work.