Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sayonara Kingston

This past month has been crazy. Another class of Queen's Law grads is about to be unleashed onto the world. Our final set of exams has been written, our final papers have been submitted, our final keggers have been savored, etc.

To an extent, Queen's is undergoing a transformation. Construction of the new "Queen's Centre" is underway and Union Street is closed off. The law school is hiring another batch of new profs. We even have a new "tradition" of first year students jumping into Lake Ontario after their final exams (nice going Class of 08)!

As a proud member of the Class of 07, I will miss Kingston. It's a great town with historic roots and all the amenities. We'll miss the lemon-cinnamon buns of Pan Chancho's, the fresh pasta of Cafe Prego, the amazing desserts from the Sleepless Goat, the bison burgers from Wolfe Island and all the other nooks and crannies only found in Ktown.

We're leaving on holiday for a while but I will be back and write again on the Bar Admissions process. I picked up the material from the Law Society of Upper Canada on Monday (painless) and I've cracked it open. That's all for now ...