Tuesday, May 11, 2004


When I first started fishing for nuggets of insight, I signed up for the EZPost: Canadian Law Schools Forum . Of course, in the beginning I didn't know which law school would accept me so I was most interested in the Need Advice Section. BTW, I applied to UBC, Western, Windsor, Queens, Toronto, Osgoode, Ottawa, McGill, and UNB. I found the board to be a wealth of info. Check it out.

There's another board called the Law Discussion Board which looks good, but seems to be focused on American law school students.

I should mention the Canadian Law School Blog. It was started by Brent in 2002 when he started UBC and he did a pretty good job relaying the ups and downs of his life at law school. He has since passed the torch onto another guy, Setu, who will be at the University of Western Ontario. So, for all you out there interested in Ontario schools, you'll have a selection. For those interested in other schools, well maybe there are some blogs out there that I don't know about. On the international level, check out this law school blogger in Turkey.

Ever wonder if you LSAT/ GPA is high enough? Canadian Law Schools by the Numbers has the answer. Check out Queens by the Numbers.


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