Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell should have left

before the election. I remember a couple of years ago he said publicly that he would not stay with the Bush Administration if Bush was elected to a second term. He got a lot of flak but he spoke his mind. Gotta respect that. Unfortunately, if he had resigned before the election, it may have swayed enough voters away from Bush . . . Ah, I probably shouldn't dwell on the what ifs. I know, only 4 more years.

When I was in Washington I actually met Colin Powell. My impression: strong and intense. He's a tall, burly man and when you see him coming, you instinctively get out of his way. Of all Bush's ilk, Powell is about the only one I respect. At the beginning it seemed like he had a chance of being the moral keel for the administration. But then it became evident that he was being ostracized for his (moderate) views. Maybe the hawkish Condi will have more clout with the old boys. Does she realize that part of the job is diplomacy?

Hmmm. Now that Powell's free, I wonder when his book is coming out. ;)


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