Sunday, December 19, 2004

Procrastinating with Time

Here is a Letter to the Editor of Time Magazine that I wrote in response to Bush being dubbed ;) Person of the Year:

I am appalled that Time Magazine has chosen Mr. Bush as Person of the Year. As an American, I am disgusted that he is our leader. Wherever I travel in the world I find myself apologizing for his childish, cowboy antics. He displays the worst side of America and he does us a disservice as president.

Time Magazine should be ashamed. Mr. Bush is among the least deserving as Person of the Year. I would rather have seen Mr. Schwarzenegger on your cover than the bumbling buffoon in the White House. Although if Time cared about its readers, it would have recognized the zeitgeist of the day and given the moniker to bloggers.

Bloggers are the rising stars of our time. Putting a politician on the cover is so passé; displaying our cowboy-president on Time Magazine is myopic.



At 3:06 PM, Blogger Matto said...

The TIME person of the year hasn't usually had much to do with subjective value judgments, and has been about world influence as well. Hitler and Stalin both were Man of the Year in the thirties, and Khomeini in the seventies. Less controversial choices were FDR and Truman, MLK, JFK, etc. Your disdain for the man seems myopic, rather than the choice itself.

As for bloggers, two things. First, TIME recognized a blog of the year: Powerline. Second, while bloggers did have notable successes, mostly against mainstream media (Rathergate and the Swift Boat Vets come to mind), were they really more influential in 2004 than W?

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, Stalin won twice I think. Person of the year isn't the best person but the most influential on the world.

The funny thing about Powerline winning blog of the year is that none of their accusations re: Rathergate have been proven to be true. They should give credit to Freerepublic and Drudge for their award.


At 7:11 PM, Blogger The Tiger said...

The thing that made me no longer take the Man of the Year award seriously was their choice for 2001. Come on, it had to be Osama bin Laden. (I admire Giuliani and I'll vote for him if he runs in '08, but he wasn't the big story of the year!)

Now, as for Bush in '04 -- he was the story. The election was the craziest since... well, since the last one. But much more heartfelt.


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