Wednesday, January 26, 2005

News: LLB/JD from Osgoode & NYU

Osgoode Hall has brokered a deal with NYU to offer a joint LLB/JD degree for students of either school. Wow. So if you spend 2 years in Toronto and 2 years in New York you come out with a golden piece of paper (NYU's colours are purple and gold).

For any Canadian thinking they might go south to practice law, this could be a major enticement to go to Osgoode. A friend in New York who's at Fordham Law School (ranked #3 within the Greater New York area) really wanted to go to NYU but he couldn't get in. Nationally, NYU is in the top 5. In fact, I wonder if this announcement might entice American students to choose Osgoode. It's probably the cheapest way to get a degree from NYU!

In fact, for anyone interested in working abroad might find this new offer attractive. A friend with experience working in Germany points out that an "LLB" translates as a "Bachelor of Law" degree, while a "JD" becomes a "Doctor of Law." Which do you think garners more respect?

BTW, since 2001, Windsor has offered a similar degree with the University of Detroit Mercy. But really, is there any comparison? ;)


At 3:10 PM, Blogger a blawger said...

I've been told that Ottawa also has a JD program that it runs through UMichigan or American University (in Washington, DC). Check out:


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