Friday, March 18, 2005


This week has been dedicated to student presentations in Tort class. I have been truly impressed with my classmates. My understanding has substantially improved in landmark cases such as Jane Doe v. Board of Commissioners of Police of Toronto, Dobson (Litigation Guardian of) v. Dobson, and Odhavji Estate v. Woodhouse.

Sometimes, when I look around the room I imagine where my classmates will end up. "She'll make a great litigator." Or, "I wonder if we have a budding politician over there." In a way, first year law is like high school: we're all in class together prior to be divided up into our particular areas of interest. I suppose we're just walking in step with the principles of human nature as outlined by Aristotle, and then by Adam Smith:
"The positive effect of the division of labor on output and production cast is one of the most fundamental assumptions in economics."


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