Thursday, February 17, 2005

conflict resolution

Sometimes when I'm reading through nasty, war-like cases I get the feeling that lawyers are, more than anything, simply in the business of resolving conflict. If I recall, Waddams' Introduction to the Study of Law begins with a definition of "conflict". How appropriate.

Take this cartoon, for example:

You can just imagine the lawyers on either side trying to resolve this finger pointing. I can just see the case turning on the one guy having his foot in a second cookie jar. ;)

BTW, for those of you who are looking for some reading, Waddams' little ditty is a good read. Here's what Setu wrote on his blawg:
I've slogged through Hutchinson's "The Law School Book" and am onto the 'required' portion of Western's required reading list - Waddams' "Introduction to the Study of Law". Now, so far, this is a much better read, in my opinion. Hutchinson was pretty verbose (woohoo, I learned a new word! - just kidding, I knew that one already. I'm not dumb, really.) in chapter 2... either that or it's an indicator of how poorly I'm going to be doing over the next 3 years...which is to say VERY! So that was a little SMP scary. But Waddams manages to soothe the Hutchinson beast with some straight talk.
I would also recommend Waddams' book.

Have a great Reading Break! I'm (finally) getting out of the country. Let's enjoy our respite from law, eh?


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