Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Lawyer's Desk

My fiancee was bugging me about my desire for a desk - a real desk. At the moment I use a puny handmedown that barely has space for my laptop and one textbook. That's it. It's so small that I keep my paperweight in a drawer. There's no room for anything to weigh down.

The Uncivil Litigator seems to have the idea. Here's his ideal:
Oak. Very heavy. So much space on the surface that I could spread out an entire aerial map in one of my road design cases, with room to spare. Something with real character. A chip here and there. A real pain in the ass to move, which I'm planning on doing by the way (goodbye house in the suburbs with a backyard, hello downtown condo or loft).
Sweet. One of these days . . .


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