Thursday, February 03, 2005

Do I belong in Law School?

This is a question that has been on the minds of some law students recently. With one semester under belts, I suppose by now we know what we're doing. We have a pretty good sense of the study of law and potential future career paths. So, with all this knowledge and understanding, we wonder if we belong here.

According to a 2nd year student, about 10% of the class don't come back after 1st year (for whatever reason). That number seems awfully high to me, but I suppose the combination of drop-outs, transfers, and taking-a-year-off students, it may be accurate. In fact, I was talking to a friend yesterday and she swears that there was a guy who started with us but only lasted about 2-3 weeks. So there's one gone already.

Another friend thinks that he might go to Asia for a year. I suppose if you want to do it, better to go before you graduate.

There was a nice post on EZBoard about transferring schools by saccodicazzi. It might be gone by the time you click the link, so here it is (you can find responses & more info at the link):

I transferred to U of T this year after 1L (as did a number of people on this board). It's not hard to do as long as your marks are above average. However, it is a bit of an unpredictable process, since for most schools available slots depend on 1Ls leaving, and different schools use different criteria. For instance, some schools are mostly about numbers (U of T), but some really want you to justify your reasons for transferring (UBC). I got transfer offers from U of T, UVic and Ottawa, but was waitlisted at UBC and rejected at Oz (?!). It's worth noting that for the last few years, U of T has taken a LOT of transfers. 25 this year, to be exact. Aniz may be able to shed some more light on U of T's specific transfer policies.

As for perception, within the school I found it a bit tough at first, because it's like starting all over again. Except it's a bit harder to break into the 2L class socially, because they've already been through 1L together. I can only speak for my experiences at U of T, but most everyone has been really welcoming. It might be tougher at commuter schools.

In the legal profession, I don't think people really care what school you came from once you are actually out and practicing. In terms of finding summer jobs, I found firms will invariably ask why you transferred, and depending on your reasons, may view you as a bit of a flight risk. If you're transferring back to where your family etc is, this is no problem, but I was going the opposite way, so it was a bit harder. But I will be on Bay St this summer selling my soul alongside all the 'normal' students here, so I don't think it hurt me too much.
OK, back to work.


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I think you belong in law school :D


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