Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dating & Relationships

About a year ago, I attended a sample session of a course offered by Bar/Bri called an Introduction to Law School. Our salesman/ lecturer asked us, "how many of you are in a serious relationship?" More than half of us raised our hands. Then he asked, "and how many of you expect to maintain that relationship by the end of law school?" Of course, the same hands went up. "Well, I'm here to tell you that it will be a struggle." Yikes.

He was right. Within the present student body of Queen's law, there are more than a few broken hearts. One 10+ year relationship ended badly. An engaged couple split up. In fact, friend of mine just broke up with his long-time girlfriend. I imagine each break-up has its own story but I can't imagine that the combination of becoming lawyers (i.e. changing) and long hours help.

The only consolation might be that the singles seem to have fun. I've heard that the single women have a list ranking the men from the #1 Gent all the way down (I have no idea what criteria they use). Last year they organized a law school version of "Matchmaker" (although this year it was cancelled). And there are plenty of mixers/ parties for potentials to socialize.

Personally, I like the idea of having a partner outside of law. My fiancée and I maintain our relationship through constant communication and honesty. For all the other couples out there: do what you gotta do.

PS. That Bar/Bri guy ended his talk by telling us about a student he once knew. The guy started law school engaged to his fiancee but after 6 months she gave him an ultimatum: "the library or me." So, he dropped out of law school and they got married. I can't say if the story is fact or fiction (the guy was dubious at best) but I have to wonder if he married a woman who had his happiness at heart.


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