Monday, February 07, 2005

Article: Blog at Your Own Risk

This piece is a nice follow-up to my post On Blogging.

There are often no rules in the "blogosphere." Blogs can be fictional or anonymous, or both. They can spout opinions about politics or television, religion or pets; many act as miniclipping services, providing links to a wide variety of news articles or even other blogs. Often, the sites allow visitors to post messages in responses to posts.

"It's like having a diary that talks back to you," Mosteller says. Indeed, some blogs take on the confessional flavor of a diary: A young congressional aide named Jessica Cutler was fired last year after anonymously blogging about her supposed sexual conquests among Washington's halls of power. Cutler, who calls herself "The Washingtonienne," now has a book deal.
Mmmmmm. A book deal. I wonder if I could . . .


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