Thursday, November 10, 2005


The newest addition to this blawg: Google's Adsense bar (it's right above this posting). I have been thinking of adding it for a while but I have been resisting. Mostly because when I think of it, I'm reminded of a past situation when I once worked as a Sales Representative. My former employer asked me to list 500 individuals in my "natural market". These people, I was told, included family members, friends, classmates and acquaintances - basically anyone we had contact with before signing up with the company. Quite honestly, I found the experience nauseating. I did not want to think of my grandmother as a potential client.

In the same way, I have been resisting putting ads on this blog. While I don't care about you readers in the same way I care about my grandmother (be thankful), I do actually put thought into the content of this space and I try to keep everything informative and useful. Hopefully, you agree.

I considered a few factors in making my decision. First, I hope that the ads will be useful. If they aren't, or if you object to being subjected to a line of ads, please let me know and I can abandon the experiment. One of the great things about websites is: everything can be changed. (I only wish, by the same token, that nothing was permanent. This, alas, is not always true.)

Also, I'm curious about the value of this blog. According to Business Opportunities Weblog:
How Much Is My Blog Worth?

Your blog,, is worth $9,597.18

Blogshares pegs the value of this blog at B$5,502.71. So, as a little experiment, let's see if these "$" actually turn into dollars.

The final factor was that Google introduced some new formats for their Adsense program. I like this one. It's simple and not buried. I'm not interested in including a ubiquitous "skyscraper" along the side.

So, let the experiment begin. And if your clicking inadvertently helps me buy a textbook for next year, thank you.


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous grass said...

I like the ads... well integrated into the blog format/style. I'd be curious how you do with them.


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