Monday, February 20, 2006

Reading Break & Mooting

We have reached the half way point of the semester: Reading Break. Most of the courses of Appelate Advocacy (a requirement for second year students) have completed and the basement of the library is not so full of competitive mooters.

Mooting is big at Queen's. Over the summer I was talking about mooting with students from other law schools. My impression was that Queen's has more moot teams than Osgoode, Ottawa, Calgary and Dal. Queen's competes in domestic moots, American moots and International moots. One recent graduate described his experience on the Laskin Moot team as his best time in law school.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Mike P. said...

I just bumped into a pile of your Queens Law colleagues over the weekend. Halifax played host to the Laskin moot this weekend and this enterprising 1L played host to the hospitality suite.

Mooting sure looked like fun from behind the bar.


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