Tuesday, May 16, 2006

From Student to Worker

Over the last few weeks, I have:
  • finished my exams
  • handed in my remaining paper
  • moved from Kingston to Toronto
  • relaxed on the west coast, and
  • started a new job
My first mistake was leaving my law textbooks in Kingston. I figured that I wouldn't need them over the summer. Silly me. In my first week, I could have used my Contracts textbook and my Criminal Law text. Thankfully, the (modest) library at work had alternative texts available.


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Sabrina said...


I just started reading your blog recently and I'm not sure if you're open to answering questions from incoming law students but if you are...

I'm starting Law at Queen's in september... and I'm having a hard time budgeting for all of these new expenses - like textbooks, food, and what else? - and I don't know where to start! Any help in the form of a comment or posting about this would be much appreciated - especially with regards to how much textbooks for 1L typically cost. I realize that most of the other cost (e.g. housing, entertainment) are variable. Thanks :)


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