Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lawyerly News & TTC Strike

A British news site dedicated to lawyers offers a few headlines every week. The news they select tends to be humourous & law-related - right up my alley. For example, this week's headlines include:
Revealed: the worst law firm website
College of Law caught poaching students
The Lawyer v Legal Week rebrand - YOU decide the winner
In other news, all Torontonians know that the TTC (our subway/bus/streetcar system) was shut downn yesterday due to a labour strike. I was reading the paper this morning and one (lawyery) tidbit stuck out. In the timeline of events, it was the TTC lawyer, Michael Kenneday, who was given the task of delivering the legal order not to walk off the job - at 4:00AM. It was unsuccessful as the recipients were purportedly in "hiding" but he tried.

The story reminded me of an insight that, I assume, all summer students and all articling student know well: not all the tasks assigned to lawyers are glamourous or intellectually stimulating. In fact, much of what we do - the business of law - is mundane and tedious.


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