Friday, July 16, 2004

More Readings

Here are some misc links for your reading pleasure:

A short article about a woman's perspective on first year law (from McGill's Quid Novi publication).

I spent most of my first year in law school talking to myself. It went something like this, "Why am I here? . . . "

An interesting survey of graduating law school students from the University of Toronto that includes questions like:

- Are you happy you went to law school?
- What was your best extra-curricular experience?
- What are you doing in the year following graduation?
- Have you had any romantic liaisons with others students? If yes, students were asked to note how many other students they had shared "romantic liasons" with. If not, they were asked if they wished they had.
- Which of the three years was your favourite and why?

An article written by a law school student from the University of Alberta on China and WTO.

An article from the NYTimes on "rankism, the bullying behavior of people who think they are superior."

An online resource by the Toronto-based organization Taking IT Global that has pages on Social Justice issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Human Rights.

For fun:
An article on the 1999 winners of the bad writing contest.  And I have to highlight this article (thanks to Anonymous for pointing it out) on Are Mac Users Smarter Than PC Users?


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