Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Lawyers in Leadership

Today my girlfriend scored a major coup: she shook Bill Clinton's hand and had him sign his new memoir. (I fear she won't be washing her hand in the near future. Yikes!) In other news, on 6/16 fellow blogger Ben pointed out that if (heaven forbid) Stephen Harper becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada, he will be the first PM without a law degree since Lester B. Pearson. I wonder, does anyone know what percentage of American Presidents/ Canadian PMs have had law degrees?


At 9:36 AM, Blogger The Tiger said...

Canadian PMs:

From memory:

Sir John A. Macdonald -- Lawyer.
Alexander Mackenzie -- Carpenter
Sir John Abbott -- Not sure. Montreal businessman? He was def. in on the Annexation Manifesto. (Actually, on further reference, he was one of the early deans at McGill Law)
Sir John Thompson -- Lawyer (one of Dal Law's early profs)
Sir Mackenzie Bowell -- Journalist
Sir Charles Tupper -- Doctor
Sir Wilfried Laurier -- Lawyer
Sir Robert Borden -- Lawyer
Arthur Meighen -- Lawyer
William Lyon Mackenzie King -- Lawyer
Richard Bennett (later Viscount Bennett) -- Lawyer
Louis St. Laurent -- Lawyer
John Diefenbaker -- Lawyer
Lester B. Pearson -- Diplomat
Pierre Trudeau -- Lawyer/law prof
Charles Joseph Clark -- Journalist, with at least two years of law school. (Not sure whether he got his degree.)
Brian Mulroney -- Lawyer
Jean Chretien -- Lawyer
Paul Martin -- Businessman, with law degree

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow--I don't think I could have listed half of those prime ministers, let alone their profession. (Although I suppose I would have been able to make a safe guess at their profession).

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