Monday, June 07, 2004

Getting a QLINK account

Over the last week I've been setting up my QLINK account and my QLINK email account with Queen's. Considering the comment posted below, I will share the hoops I went through with the appropriate links, etc. For the long version, read this.

1. Dug up my acceptance letter and wrote down my student ID on the back of my business card.

2. Went to the GET ID page.

3. Entered my student ID where it says "Type your student number" and entered my birthday as the PIN.

4. Thought of a new password that complies with the criteria stipulated. There's a guide provided by Queen's on How to Choose a Good Password. I tried using a password that I generally use for medium security Internet accounts - it is a combination of numbers and food - but apparently that was in violation of Rule #5 (cannot use a combination of names, birthdays and/or phone numbers).

5. Found an acceptable new password and wrote it down.

6. Waited 24 hours. Watched the Flames beat Tamba Bay in OT. Yah!!

7. Logged on (to the same site above) using my student ID and the new password.

8. Selected and copied (quickly) the screen that came up with my "login NETID(userid)" and your "Initial PASSWORD" - it automatically disappeared after about 60 seconds.

9. Waited "more than an hour" and watched the Flames lose to Tamba Bay at a sports bar (I was the only one in the bar watching the game - New Yorkers are not big hockey fans). They better win tonight!!!!

* this is where I needed help*

10. I emailed the Admissions Assistant. Her response:
Hi A: I know it is convoluted.

Your email account is **** and the password they gave you (1 number and 6 letters) is to access your email only.

The first thing you signed onto - QCard - is just your student info that is kept by the University Registrar's office. To sign into QCard, you use your student number and your PIN the one you changed.

I hope that this is the only confusion. If not, I will look into it further.
11. For QCARD info: I went to the QCARD Log-in screen (which is a different page from above) and used my trusty student ID (from the acceptance letter) and my new rule-proof password. If this link doesn't work then you can go to the main QCARD page and scroll down to the bottom for the link to the log-in page.

12. For Email: I went to the "Web-based Email for Students" page and used my new, cryptic "NETID(userid)" and my "Initial PASSWORD" to access my newest email account. To give you an idea, my NETID is 3 numbers and 2 letters, and my password is 1 number and 6 (completely random) letters.

The silver lining to this story is that the Admissions Assistant at the Faculty of Law is extremely helpful and will send you a prompt reply if you have any difficulties.

Also, some links on the Queen's site are dead. (For example, on the Online Resources for Students page page, the link for "Wait! Don't buy a computer. Well, not yet anyway. There are other things to consider before you buy... Click here for more information" is dead. But I just got off the phone with the IT folks and they're in the middle of redoing the site.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a comment for those of you who are already (or were within the last few years) a Queen's undergraduate/graduate student: You're 'new' qlink address and student number/PIN will be the same as it was when you were a Queens student.

At least I think it will be. I finished an MSc at queens a 2 years ago, and now I have the same email address/student number as I did when I was a graduate student.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Yes, I just finished setting mine up as well and there were several points where I thought, "What the hell....?"
The admissions assistant is awesome, I agree (I assume you mean Patti, who was really patient with my neverending requests).


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