Monday, May 24, 2004

More Readings

Found an article on Information, Globalization, and Capital by Canadian Stephen Downes.

Here's an excerpt:
Neither capitalism not globalism are inherently bad. But both must be regulated by the rule of law.


Kuddos to blogger Ben for pointing us to yet another blog worth mention. For pithy yet insightful comments on the Queen's Law experience, check out Scotty's blog. For some reason, his blog is a bit of a chore to navigate. Here are a few relevant entries to get you started:

Jan '04
I am running for the board of trustees at Queen's.
Nov '03
So, some essay facts:
Word cout: 0
Words required:1500-2000
Number of Economist articles read: 8
Number of Pages in the Case I had to read for it: 162
Number of Pages it could have taken to say the same thing: 10-12
Number of Additional Pages of reading for research: 50-60
Number of Days before essay is due: 5

Oct '03
This is why I came to law school...
Oct '03
I love Queen's


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Scott said...

It's a chore for good reason- google indexes everything. And indexing = bad news when potential employers google you... and they do.

But that is not a big deal...

You're coming to Queen's next year? Are you there now? It's not a bad little place to go for lawyer school.

Judging by your profile bio there, you seem to be the typical Queen's student... idealistic and enthusiastic.

I am somewhat of an atypical Queen's student (at least not stereotypical anyway). But you will quite enjoy the political leanings of most of the faculty.

I must say that you seem quite ambitious about this. A few words of unsolicited advice (the best kind if you ask me): you need not prepare for law school. The exams in December do not count. Spend this summer having lots and lots of fun.
#2. When you do buy a laptop, ensure it has wireless internet access.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger The Tiger said...

Allow me to second Scott's advice.

About Googling -- that's a shame, that that's why you changed it, Scott. I really liked your old layout. The new one's more... generic.

The way I see it, if an employer gets scared off by my comments, I probably wouldn't have liked working for him or her anyway. ;-)


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