Thursday, June 10, 2004

OneL: Summer Jobs

A few months ago, I met a guy at a Rock the Vote Meetup who was in his first year of law at Fordham University. At the time, I had been accepted into Queen's but I hadn't decided where I was going to go. I was really nice meeting someone who had already gone through the whole admissions process. Since then, we've met on and off for drinks and it's been fascinating for me to here how his courses have been progessing, etc (part of the reason I started this blog). Anyhow, I wanted to let y'all know that even though he just finished his first year, he got a summer job at a New York firm doing basically what he wants to do after law school: copyright law.

That said, he says he's among a slim minority. Most of his classmates have taken *unpaid* internships or have gone abroad on volunteer missions to build schools or teach English.


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