Monday, September 20, 2004

Case Briefs

We just had our first assignment handed back. On a pass or fail basis, we were supposed to write a "case brief" on a famous ruling in Tort Law, Turner v Thorne. If you're interested, the case is about a delivery guy who screws up and (indirectly) causes injury to another guy. The facts are pretty clear. Our problem was that we didn't know how to write a "case brief." In every class the professor has given us their take on it, but they invariably tack on a disclaimer like, "but this is just my view; you can do whatever you want." How is that helpful!? Do what we want? I mean, we're writing the case brief for the professor not for ourselves. [Actually, I have to admit, I did write a brief but it was very informal and I wouldn't want to show it to anybody.] Anyhow, handing in this nebulous brief was quite stressful but it has alse been a useful excersize.

Thankfully, I passed.


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