Thursday, May 05, 2005

A day at the castle

7:00 Get up, finish readings for International Tax
7:45 Wait in line for a shower, get ready, walk over to the castle
8:30 Breakfast (try to avoid eating too much of the fried grub)
9:00 Listen to anecdotes/ stories on the negotiations of tax treaties
10:15 Coffee break (opt for the cappuccino instead of the so-called "coffee" they serve here)
10:30 More stories (prof laments that we're not in a pub cause he could use a pint)
noon Lunch in the Dining Hall (read: cafeteria): lamb chops with beans
12:45 Go to the library to finish readings for International Commercial Arbitration
1:25 Grab a tea before heading to class
1:30 Our class waits for a tour group to go through the classroom before we get started
1:40 Presentation by classmates on which circumstances are appropriate for an arbitration clause in a contract
2:30 Break for fresh air
4:10 Our prof tells us that our 100 pages of readings was "not so much"
4:15 Head back to residence
4:30 Go jogging around the grounds with a friend (repeat to myself that I need to get back into shape)
5:30 Dinner: fish sticks, potatoes, veggies and apple crisp
6:30 Shower (no line)
7:00 Chat with friends (independent trips are being planned for Belfast, Amsterdam, Paris and Moscow)
8:00 Ping pong in the rec room
9:00 Start readings for next classes
10:30 Head over to the pub, in the castle, to socialize with students and profs (regular fixtures)
11:30 Back to residence - review my readings
midnight Bed


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You take two showers a day? Is that normal or because you went for a run?

At 7:41 PM, Blogger a blawger said...

When I work out, I take a shower afterwards. Out of courtesy as much as comfort.


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