Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Perspectives on Castle life...

I came across this blog by an undergraduate student here at the castle. She seems really sweet, and she's interested in law. Here are some except from a post about castle life.
Speaking of law, I have met several law students, several very stand-offish ("What, you want to talk to ME, you puny undergrad?"), but many very nice!
Hopefully she's met more of the latter than of the former. Also, it seems like she's getting some pretty heavy marketing from one of us ...
One who is doing Business Law at Queen's told me all about the law program there and why they call Osgoode "Was-good." He fortunately warned me that getting a job after doing law at UofT would be very hard because of the recent cheating scandal in which professors were implicated. I had totally forgotten about that (about 2001, I think it was), but Bay Street has a long memory, apparently. He informed me that of the Ontario Universities, Queen's students have the best chance of getting an articling job right after third year.
Hmmmmm... Well, I would be nice if it were true. And, unfortunately, it seems like one of my classmates (perhaps the same as above?) has been passing along misinformation:
Oh, and another thing, if I get 170 or more on my LSAT (I think that's about the 90th percentile), I get the first year tuition fully paid for in most universities (maybe not Osgoode or UofT, but all the others definitely).
Nope - sorry hon. But if you score above 170, you'll have a good chance of paying tuition to whichever school you like. (Or, if anyone can confirm the above, I'd like to know.)


On a less sober note, ;) a fellow Queen's law student here at the castle has started a blog. Check it out yo.


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Who the hell is writing the LSATs when 170 is only the 90th percentile? If that was just her understanding, fine, but if she was told that by a law student, good grief!

At 9:37 AM, Blogger a blawger said...

I spoke to another student here who scored above 170 and got $10,000 from Queen's. UofT, however, did not make the same offer. Apparently, there are 3 students who received these awards from the school. So it's possible, but not guaranteed.


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