Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I got a few questions about the castle and I thought I'd field them here just in case others might benefit from the answers.

Q1: At the castle, is it worth it to get a single room?
A1: The issue here is: how much do you value your privacy? For some, the extra few hundred $$ is well worth having a room of one's own. For others, there's a benefit in rooming with a friend and potentially developing the friendship. Here at the castle, there are, in fact, 2 girls who initially had single rooms and they've opted to move in together to save a bid of dosh. (However, I know of many more friendships that have actually suffered from such an arrangement.)

Q2: Can you please comment on getting a single room or a single with an ensuite?
A2: My impression is that most of the rooms are single rooms, but there are certainly a good number of students doubling up. I don't know of any student who has an ensuite. For our field trip (to The Hague, Paris and Geneva), we will have to double up in our hotel rooms so for that week we will partially lose our privacy - as far as I know it's a non-issue.
A photo of a typical room in the residence building can be found here. It looks pretty much like where we're living. The biggest difference is that the photo shows a TV, phone and kettle, but we have none of those things in our rooms. Probably the lack of a phone is the biggest void in the rooms.

Q3: Do you know if its hard to get a single room?
A3: I believe the rooms are assigned on a lottery basis but most people who wanted single rooms got them (90%). I know of one student who needed a single room for medical reasons and it was granted.

Hope that helps. I'm more than happy to field any questions that I can. Thanks for the email.


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