Thursday, June 09, 2005

Highlights from the Castle

Wow, time flies over here. I realized that I haven't added a posting in a while and you're not getting a good sense of what life is like at the castle. Here are a few highlights (in random order):

- During karaoke night, profs and students alike got up and put their heart on stage. A group of undergrad girls showed up wearing togas and won the prize for the best costumes.
- The local security guard was passing around photos of the resident castle ghosts. For the believers: silhouettes were clearly visible. For the non-believers: they looked like black blobs.
- Students hauling cart-loads full of beer from ASDA (the British version of Wal-Mart) and enjoying it pre-pub or at "Stump Henge".
- Meals are a constant conversation topic. Their French menu went over well while the recycled sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner were not so popular.
- Sports have also been a staple. Ultimate frisbee is huge. Ping-pong and basketball are played regularly. I can't say that any one event stands out, but I'll say this: don't underestimate the women.
- Dr. Bader came and gave a candid talk about how he built his company and made his dosh.
- In Geneva, the IPL students got to meet Louise Arbour and talk about leaving the SCC.

As far as stories from our time on the continent, let me put it this way:
"What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam".


Cool - I noticed that someone from Trinadad & Tobago is reading this blog. Awesome.


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I googled Queens Law and saw your blog. I was at the castle in 97. Good luck with your law career.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger a blawger said...

Thanks for the comment. I guess you came to the castle as an undergraduate student? As far as I know, the law program is only in its 3rd year (or is it 4th now?). The castle is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this summer. Alas, we'll be gone before the formal celebrations begin. Not that it will deter us from celebrating on our own! :)


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