Thursday, August 11, 2005

Anti-Bush sentiment on the Net

Like many bloggers out there, seeing "Bush Indictment" as the #1 search entry on Technorati today made me smile. Hoax or no hoax, I'm still smiling. In the last day, at least 98 bloggers have posted about indicting the "moron". Here are some exerpts:
Oh, and of course, a criminal is still a criminal, even if they are not caught. If a "Bush indictment" isn't actually happening now, it only means he isn't being indicted, but he is still a criminal.
It appears that this hoax originated with an article by a Pravda reporter containing fictional articles of impeachment and indictment for Bush for the crimes of corruption, vote fraud and war crimes.
A bunch of lily-livered liberals, malcontents and other shady characters have set the blog world ablaze by driving the phrase "Bush Indictment" to the top of the Technorati ratings. How droll.
So, as the result of many hours of work, similar to the recent Google Bomb that connects Bush's bio for the search term "miserable failure", Bush has lost another battle in cyberspace ("Political Netwar"). But I have to wonder: does it really matter? Howard Dean won the battle on but he couldn't even win the Democratic nomination. How many of these anti-Bush cyber-rants actually materialize into action? [Smile sagging.]

It seems like the Democrats are losing the war fought in our wallets. The recent scandal at Air America shows how difficult it has been for them to drum up cash. Al Franken (and I'm a fan) has admitted that he expected ad revenue to come flooding into the station, but it hasn't. And if you look at the companies listed on, there leaves little doubt that Corporate America is mostly crimson. [Smile gone - back to normal.]


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is that as long as democrats can't field a credible candidate or counter the attacks of the right they are going to lose.

John Kerry? Come on.

Howard Dean? May appeal to a lot of left-leaning Canadians, but in the USA Dean is a wacko. A friend from New Jersey is looked at as "extreme right" up here whenever he opens his mouth. He is looked at as a moderate/centrist back in NJ. Dean may look centrist to us but in Alabama and countless other states he is as extreme/scary as bush seems to be to us.

I think the democrats are heading for defeat again. They lost the redistricting war in most states which should keep the republicans in power another congressional term (although the senate may swing) and I am pretty sure they are gonna lose the white house in '08. Hilary Clinton may be a hero to millions of democrats but she is not gonna win the presidency against someone like Mitt Romney. She sure as heck will win the dem. nomination if she runs. But which southern states do you predict will swing democrat if Hilary runs? Alabama? Georgia? Surely Mississippi. However, if Mitt Romney runs the dems may lose Mass! (He is the gov there and reportedly popular!) Without Mass the dems are in a bit of trouble...11 votes they have to make up in the conservative midwest....even Ohio won't make enough votes if they lose Mass... Oh dear :D


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