Thursday, August 04, 2005

Theme for Orientation

As far as I know Queen's doesn't have a theme for orientation. But another school does. This is from Jeremy Blackman's blog (the infamous creator of Anonymous Lawyer):
A reader at law school in Canada writes with a request:

I'm in charge of the orientation week for the incoming class of 1Ls at my school this Sept, and we don't have a "theme". It was going to be .08: Push It To The Legal Limit (dunno what the [Blood Alcohol Content] limit is down there, in Canada it's .08) - but this was deemed politically incorrect. So, if you have any ideas for a theme (2007 was: "007: Licence to Practice")... it would be much appreciated.

I wrote back with some thoughts, but nothing all that thrilling, so (with his permission) I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone had any ideas.

I started thinking about things with the number 8... #8 in the Canadian constitution is about search and seizure, but that's not that funny... 8 reindeer on Santa's sleigh, but, again, not that funny... the recent Live 8 concert had a tag line that's actually pretty relevant -- "The Long Walk To Justice," but "Live '08: The Long Walk To Justice" only makes sense if someone knows that's the concert's slogan, and I'm guessing most people don't. I thought of Eminem's movie 8 Mile. "'08 Mile: Lose Yourself in Law" seems not horrendous, but I'm not real happy with anything I was able to think of.

So maybe you can do better. Send me any ideas and I'll pass them along to him, and post them here.
My vote goes to "Live '08: The Long Walk To Justice".


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