Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Ethicist on NPR

(When I'm not listening to the CBC, I'm probably tuned in to NPR.)

Just about a year ago, I shared my interest in Randy Cohen's column published in the New York Times Magazine. Each week Cohen tackles ethical dilemmas with reason, humour and a healthy dose of commen sense. Anyhow, for those more inclined to auditory input, the Ethicist is also on NPR's All Things Considered. This week's dilemma dealt with situations that warrant euthanizing a dog.

For diehard fans, Cohen has published a book entitled The Good, The Bad and The Difference: How to Tell the Right From Wrong in Everyday Situations. He clarifies right at the beginning that,
... I should say, not for the last time, that I am not a lawyer and do not
purport to give legal advice ...
I've added it to my Wishlist, just in case you're feeling generous. ;)


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