Monday, June 27, 2005

Herstmonceux: Cheerio!

In the last 2 weeks, we've gone through our second round of law school exams, said many goodbyes, and left Herstmonceux Castle. It's been a wonderful, memorable two months.

The second round of exams was much easier than the first. Or, at least, the stress level at the castle much lower than the first round in Kingston. There were no tears. There was more celebration. 2 hour exams instead of 3. Furthermore, if the grades that will be dolled out this year are like the results last year, then none of us will "bomb". Take a look at last year's grade distribution (pdf file). Especially compared to the grade distribution from the winter 2005 semester.

A sore point among the Law '07 group is the inequality of grades among the small sections. For non-Queen's law readers, take a look at the courses labeled "Crs Type" = S (120B, 120D, 121A, 121D, 123B, 123C, 123D, 123E). There are 8 small sections. Of those, 6 were assessed on a "B+ curve" while 2 were graded on a "B curve". If only grades didn't matter...


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