Friday, July 08, 2005

New Blawgger

I stumbled across Daniel's new "Advocatus Diaboli" blawg today. A few weeks ago he started posting because:

... there was a general lack of self-righteous, 20-something,
know-it-all-law-students-to-be in the "blogosphere."
Well, I don't consider myself either "self-righteous" or a "know-it-all-law student", so I guess I satisfy his observation. And, although I am still a "20-something", the clock is ticking on that one.

Daniel will be starting at UBC Law this fall. I have no doubt that his future classmates will quickly be aware of the fact that his rants & opinions are being published for all to read. It should make for nice fodder around the water cooler. If there's one thing that is never in short supply around a law school, it's gossip. UVic's nickname is "Priestly High" for the amount of gossip that is regularly generated. Sometimes the law library at Queen's seems to serve more as an exchange for gossip than as a temple for higher learning. Oops - I'm starting into a rant here. Doh! I'll leave that to folks like Daniel. Another blawg can be found here.


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