Monday, July 04, 2005

The Summer between First and Second Year

With the castle term over, the rest of the Class of '07 has had think about how we're going to spend the rest of our summer. Of course, many students decided to stay in Europe and continue their adventure a la backpacking. The rest of us have returned to this side of the Altantic to test the waters of the job market. Here are some results:
- One student is in Cambodia on a research project helping children.
- One student secured an internship with the Environmental Protection Agency in New York.
- One student is going to South Africa to look after game animals.
- One student is volunteering with a high-profile defence lawyer here in Toronto with the hopes that he will get start getting paid (and they will learn his name).
- One student went back to his securities firm.
- One student is cataloging homes in the real estate market in her hometown.
- One student is picking strawberries on a farm.
- One student is taking care of teenagers at a summer camp.
- One student is working for the Canadian Cadets.
- Two students are in Kingston working as research assistants for a law prof.
- One student is working at an architectural firm.
- One student is waitressing.
- One student is working at a firm in Calgary.
- One student is planning his wedding/ getting married.
- One student is working at a small law office in her hometown (that is interested in having her work there indefinately post-law school).
- One student is here working for the Sierra Legal Defence Fund.

And I'm sure there are many out there just having fun.


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