Saturday, July 23, 2005

ATLA Conference in Toronto

Last night I ran into a trial lawyer at Indigo Books on Bay Street (how appropriate, eh?). We met in the scant-but-what-do-you-expect law section of the bookstore. I was looking at at 1001 Legal Words You Need To Know (which at a glance seemed like a waste of money) while he was searching for The Trial Lawyers, a book that had been recommended by a fellow lawyer in the American Trial Lawyer's Association (ATLA). Indigo didn't have his book.

It turns out ATLA is having a conference here in Toronto this week. The trial lawyer strongly urged me to join. Saturday was free for law students, but the rest of the conference costs us $70 ($100 with materials). This is quite a deal from what non-students are paying. It goes all the way up to $800 a head. For those interested, check out the conference website. It's going on until Wednesday.


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