Saturday, August 13, 2005

Today is a Good Day

Today I had a little adventure. I went exploring on the Net. I know, "adventure" is a bit of exaggeration for sedentary clicking from one link to another. Especially since my mouse didn't even get close to anything lurid. All the same, it felt like an adventure. I discovered new websites a la Christopher Columbus. He got credit for discovering something that was already known, so why shouldn't I?

I won't keep you in suspense. Here are my finds:

A New Student Blawg

Mr. Osgoode just wrote his first entry a couple days ago and it seems promising. A quote:
Having stayed up late last night to finish Scott Turow's famous autobiographical novel, One L, I have decided that I too would like to keep a log (or blog) of how my first year at law school unfolds.
A New Prof Blawg

In my surfing/ exploring I clicked on one link, then another, et voila, I found myself someplace completely new: an awesome blog about white collar crime.
Internal corporate investigations are all the rage these days as companies seek to demonstrate their level of cooperation as part of an effort to forestall criminal charges. Corporations almost routinely turn over the results of their investigations to prosecutors and civil regulatory authorities, and the reports usually contain statements -- many of them personally incriminating -- from employees about their knowledge and participation in transactions under scrutiny. What if an employee lies to the internal investigators in an effort to obstruct that investigation?
I'm riveted. You're going to have to read down to "What If You Lie in an Internal Investigation?" to find the answer.

(BTW, check out the JD versus LLB post for some new comments.)


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