Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hip lawyers & Hippie lawyers

I noticed an article in the Globe about a Calgary law firm that houses some really hip lawyers. These guys do a great job of breaking out of the traditional mold of the staid suit. Here are some fun pics:
Lawyer with Fender

Tax Lawyer with Baseball Bat (watch out CRA!)

Lawyer with Plush Toy
In contrast, a "progressive" Toronto law firm throws hipster out the window and replaces it with modern day hippiester. (As far as I know, I just coined that term. Please plagiarize freely.) You have to respect these guys for being brutally honest about what they do, and don't do. Check out these bios:
Murray enjoys reading history, economics, philosophy, jurisprudence and political theory, and understands some of what he reads.
Basil enjoys himself while working at a restaurant patio near the office, contrary to strict firm policy.
Nonconformists: gotta love 'em.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Now, if only the big Bay firms would have honestly-written profiles: "John enjoys scaring small children, laughing at the downtrodden and over-billing his clients."

Kidding -- this post is mainly to tell you that I'm blog-linking you because you've done the same for me (I was wondering what was up with the sudden traffic).


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