Monday, March 06, 2006

Career Day Loot

Friday was Career Day for Queen's law students. I wasn't really interested in the stuff they were giving away this year, but I did give you an enumerated list for last year's event so I thought I'd write a litte something and compare this year's loot with last year.

Things I noticed this year that were absent last year:
  • gum
  • solitaire game
  • backgammon game
  • bike light
  • glossy Charter
  • the backpack this year looked stronger
  • stress ball

Things that may have been absent (but I wasn't really paying that much attention):

  • yo-yo
  • slinky
  • gift certificate to Tim's
  • CD Roms that don't run on Macs
  • pen with flashlight

Useful objects that were again present:

  • ice cream scoop
  • cereal
  • umbrella
  • water bottles
  • CD case

Suggestions for future Career Days:

  • USB keychain
  • watergun
  • dart board (was there one? I may have missed it.)


At 10:36 PM, Blogger a blawger said...

I forgot to mention that this year we also got sunscreen. I think that's a first.


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