Thursday, March 09, 2006

LLB/JD Open House

Queen's had an Open Forum today in one of the main lecture halls on this issue. The Dean, the Associate Dean, the President of the LSS and the VP Internal Professional of the SGPS explained their various positions. In general, they agreed that this is a hot topic and they will listen to the students.

We discussed the issue for about an hour and many points were clarified. Overall, it seems like students are in favour of the change but there is some concern over exactly what the referendum will mean. The Dean is also concerned about making sure that other stakeholders, such as Faculty and alumni, are also in favour.

At one point, the Dean noted that between 4,500 and 5,000 graduates of Queen's Law hold LL.B.s from the school. He did not suggest that they should get a vote in the referendum but he's concerned that their voices aren't being heard.

The strongest message was that moving too quickly could have negative results. We'll have to see how the students vote next week.


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