Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In 3rd year, they bore you?

Most of you have probably heard of this pithy adage:
In first year they scare you to death.
In second year they work you to death.
In third year they bore you to death.
I remember (way back when) reading about the number of suicides in law school. Articles in the news described students who hadn't performed up to their academic standards (or those their parents') and took their own lives. It made me think. It was one of the reasons why I came to Queen's - a law school that is known for its collegial atmosphere. Now, as a 3L, I can confirm that the student body at Queen's is amazing. What a great, supportive group of individuals.

As a 3L, aren't I supposed to be bored to death? Thus far, I can't say that I have been bored. I have a presentation coming up this Friday and I am feeling the stress. Where is the boredom "they" promised? I suppose I should blame my experience. I have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion that I should do my best on whatever I do.

My articling position is secure. Unless I decide to pursue an LL.M. or other graduate work in the future, my grades this year shouldn't be very important. Yet, here I am, focused on my presentation. Maybe I'll be bored next semester.


At 2:41 PM, Blogger 68thCircuit said...

That's good that you're not bored yet with your third year. Just wait, however. By November 1, you'll be ready to jump ship.


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