Friday, February 02, 2007


Thanks to everyone who have left comments on blog. I read everything. I have it set up so that I get an email whenever you post a comment on any post - including the posts from years ago (I can't believe that I've actually been blogging years!).

The truth is: third year is much the same as second. In a way, law school becomes routine. The courses are new and (sometimes) fresh, but I don't use this space to opine on particular areas of the law. The process of reading, briefing cases, learning terminology, identifying legal principles and (doing my best) to piece everything together is much the same. The lifestyle is ... pretty much the same. I suppose there is less pressure to perform and get the best grades in 3rd year, but by this stage it seems like we're studying for content, out of routine, and because we may actually use this material in a professional context. In fact, sometimes in class I think to myself, "yeah, I've dealt with a similar scenario." (Here, I would emphasize the importance of practical experience like legal aid.)

Lastly, third year has many of the same diversions as previous years. For example, my wife and I are about to get ready for a martini party this evening. What better way to motivate myself for (yet another) weekend of writing papers ...


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