Friday, October 20, 2006

ShoutOut: Pointless Conundrum

I came across a wonderful blawg the other day: Pointless Conundrum. Umera writes about her life growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, her thoughts on issues that affects Muslims (and us all), and about her life now, back in law school. Here's a nice passage:
I remember the day Zia-ul-Haq passed, I think my parents were watching TV and I was playing with my cousins when the TV service was interrupted to announce that the plane carrying the President has been blown. There was a sense of shock, bewilderment and joy in the city, telephone calls were made and people were not sure what the whole thing meant. Everybody knew that life as we knew it in Karachi would change; however, nobody was quite sure what that change would mean or contain. The life in Karachi did change; however, for me it meant a change for good.
In case your Pakistani history needs to be refreshed (like mine), "Zia-ul-Haq" refers to General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. He came to power in 1988 and ruled Pakistan for 11 years. According to wikipedia, he is largely responsible for enforcing strict Islamic Law on the country.


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