Wednesday, September 22, 2004

FEP a.k.a Future Earning Potential

I wish I could do a survey within blogger. I would ask you guys: How many of you are going to law school for the money?

From Kristine's comment (that has kind of lingered in my brain), I get the feeling that many folks out there are going to law school for the FEP. Is that true? Certainly, I can imagine that there are a number of sources that could put dollar signs in your eyes. For example, the Economic Research Institute forecasts the 2018 mean salary potential of a practicing lawyer at $118,885 USD. Not too shabby. For comparison, a 2018 Mean Salary Potential of a doctor is $128,797 USD. Of course, ERI is a US-based thinktank, so although these numbers might look great to our American brethen, they don't apply so well to us Canadian law school students - but I bet they're not that far off. :)

At least there are other reasons to do to law school. I gave my idealistic little shpeel on why I'm here a few months ago. For a good read, check out The University of Southern California's nice piece that looks at other reasons why students have gravitated towards studying law.


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