Wednesday, January 05, 2005

We're back

Welcome back y'all. Classes for Queen's Law students resumed on Tuesday while the rest of the students don't start until Jan 10th. And, because most of the student body enjoying their vacation, the university is still in hibernation. Tim Horton's is closed. The caf is closed. Where are we supposed to get a coffee around here!?!

We got our midterm exam back for Criminal Law today. Our professor was quite disappointed with us. He was going to bell-curve our marks, but, he claims, our exams were so poor that he couldn't justify giving us such good marks. Instead, he opted to mark us based on our performance. Seven (7) students got an F. (I did okay.)

The law school is in search of a new dean. Our former dean (who seems very nice) was selected for the Ontario Superior Court (hope I got that right) so she took an early leave. This week they're interviewing candidates to fill the opening and students are invited to attend. I have no idea if we'll actually be able to give feedback on the candidates, but it's nice that the university is keeping the process open.


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