Saturday, June 03, 2006

UofT Faculty Blawg

I was poking around the Net today, trying to find more CDN law student blawgers out there, and I noticed that the "Featured Blog" on is the UofT Faculty Blawg. I clicked my way over to their baby blue blawg and discovered that their site was created in February, 2006. Maintained by 8 profs at UofT, they write on many topics, including Constitutional Law and Current Events.

Below the first posting, on February 9, 2006, they give us an incling of why they decided to start a blawg:
We'd like to use this Faculty Blog to foster debate and discussion on issues that we find interesting.
I say: way to go! I hope other faculties across Canada will follow suit (and I sincerely hope that the ubiquitous we-can't-follow-what-the-uoft-is-doing attitude won't get in the way).

Incidentally, I'm quite annoyed that does not include any CDN law student blawgers on its site. It includes links to blawgers from across the US, but it has yet to include any links to us folks up north (and that includes Alaska). Another blawg can be found here.