Friday, September 24, 2004

Fruits of the Net

I just wanted to share some fruits of my surfing. Here are some of me favs:

Travel Sites

Mobissimo is the best place I've found to find deals on flights. Better than Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Farechase, and QIXO. Compare for yourself - then take a vacation. :)

To check currency rates for your vacation (I'd recommend Bali), try OANDA.

For languages, Babelfish is the best translation site out there. And it's free. (Thanks Altavista.)

To stay in touch while you're away, I'd recommend the free VoIP software Skype. (Now available for the Mac!)

The best car venture in the US (not in Canada yet - grrrrr), check out ZipCar.

Answer Sites

DMOZ could become the next Google.

For searching blogs, try Blogpulse.

For finding word usage and reference materials, Bartleby is amazing.


For a witty left-wing radio stream, nothing beats Air America Radio. (I'm partial to The Majority Report.)

Gotta love Utne Reader.

For introspective articles, The Sun Magazine hits the spot.

And to get a Canadian perspective on the world, try The Walrus.


For good ol' geek fun, build a SODA.

For online community fun (or to test the meat of your computer), try the World of There. (Not Mac friendly - grrrr.)

For *lol* fun, I like Yahoo's Oddly Enough.

And for family room fun, Netflix (US) and Zip (Canada) send DVDs to your door. Walmart has also gotten into the DVD snailmail game. (OMG - shoot me now, I just added a link to Walmart. hrrrrmmmmmm.) I'd recommed getting Walmart just for the trial period and then going with the other guys if you like it. ;)

What are your favourite sites?
Is there a gem out there that you'd like to share?



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