Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rollerblading in Kingston

Frankly, it sucks. In the 22 days I've lived here, I have ventured all over trying to find a decent rollerblading path. The streets are generally poorly maintained and the sidewalks are narrow. You do see rollerbladers in the city, but they just mill about. I asked one of them for the best route and I was told to blade along Lake Ontario. But it's awful. The sidewalk is about 4 feet wide, full of cracks, and the route has a portion with major gravel. Not fun.

You know what really irks me: Queen's suggests that we "rollerblade along the lakefront pathways bordering the Queen’s campus." Have they ever tried to blade along a narrow path with gravel and countless cracks? You can enjoy it for about 30 seconds.

Sorry, I'm being too negative. OK. The best place I've found are some of the back streets around Queen's. The only scenery you have are houses and messy yards, but the pavement's not too bad.

I'm missing the streets of Manhattan. Best way to see the city. Great group to boot!

I've heard blading in Philly is amazing.

And here are some more groups around the world.


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