Monday, August 22, 2005

A nice story

Recently published in the Toronto Star:
This story started when I was helping my aunt process her immigration papers in Mississauga.

I was unfamiliar with all the paperwork, and quite frankly felt defeated. So we tried seeking out immigration consultants for help.

However, their fees were too much, and my aunt couldn't afford them. At one point, we sat in Square One mall crying because my aunt would be sent back to India.

Then a young man walked up and asked if he could help us. I told him our troubles, and he handed me a card. He was a law student from York, and he worked at one of their legal clinics, which also specialized in immigration matters.

We took the long bus ride to York's campus and our troubles were solved. Another bonus was that their services were free.

I know that many people in society look down upon lawyers as money grabbing types, but this experience changed my view at least.

One stranger's gesture changed my family's nightmare. Thank you for your help.

Jade Singh, Brampton, July 26

I'm sure some lawyers are "money grabbing types" but, thankfully, not all. Kudos to our anonymous Osgoode student for helping to improve the public perception of the profession: way to go!


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