Friday, September 29, 2006

On Cheating – Afterthoughts

Last night I stumbled upon, yet another, TV show focused on a stereotypical, unscrupulous lawyer. The show is called Shark.
A group of young prosecutors are about to have the learning experience of a lifetime because, though Stark is seeking to redeem himself, he has no intention of cooling his underhanded approach to cases…
The devilish lawyer, played by James Woods, uses his "trickery" and "underhanded approach" as a prosecutor because, as the story goes, he has seen the light. He hasn't "seen the light" in the sense that he will shed his immoral ways. No, he has "seen the light" because he will use his so-called skills to put accused individuals behind bars. So that's OK.

In last night’s episode, his young, slick disciples try to mimic his tactics, but they get caught. The judge is not impressed. And how does this senior, experienced lawyer react?
Stark: I’m not angry with your conduct. Next time, don’t get caught.
Hear that? What wonderful words of advice from a mentor to a group of young lawyers. I can almost feel the embers of another Enron catching fire - Hollywood style.


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