Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Listserv "Apple Debate"

Over the last few weeks, every Queen's law student has been receiving emails about Apple Computers. It started when a new student was concerned that buying a Mac and expressed his fears to us all. Before he takes (took?) the plunge, I guess he wanted feedback from us seasoned students on the potential hazards of using a machine made by the iPod people. (BTW, according to Wikipedia, the term "podcast" comes from "broadcasting" and "iPod", but I have heard other etymologies of the word.)

Predictably, many Mac owners have responded with an enthusiastic BUY. From recent news on the customer satisfaction of Mac owners, this should come as no surprise. The surprise is that so many students actually care about this. It has actually escalated into a "debate"! And no, law students don't debate about everything under the sun. Topics of most listserv messages are mundane topics like Room For Rent or Ride to Toronto.

Apparently, buying the right computer is a big deal. Maybe it speaks to a new generation of politically-savvy consumers. Maybe these (us) Mac buyers are in tune with sites like BuyBlue.org that peg Apple Inc. at 99% supportive of the Democratic Party. Who knows? Or maybe we buy Macs out of plain old fear. In a previous life I worked in sales. My "mentor" informed me once that 95% of purchases are based on fear. Fear of [blank]. In this case, it could be fear of buying a piece of crap. Fear of viruses. Or maybe fear of not looking hip and cool to his new classmates/ drinkmates.

Honestly, I really don't care if he gets a Mac or not. Just like I don't care that the firm Bereskin & Parr is full of Macs. I just hope that he's happy with whatever he gets. Computers are tools and, ultimately, anything currently sold in electronic stores will satisfy the needs of what we do in law school. Heck, a Palm Pilot + keyboard would be sufficient.

Happiness is key. The other day I was going to get groceries and I saw a guy carrying a newly-purchased iMac. He had the biggest smile on his face. The smile said it all.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Ooneesheh oonaheh said...

I ordered my new iBook on July 27.....still waiting.


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